Moroccan Beauty Secrets

Moroccan Beauty Secrets

The Moroccan hammam, an ancient beauty ritual:

For every tourist coming to Morocco, visiting a traditional Moroccan hammam and experiencing the wide range of benefits is undoubtedly on their bucket list.

Moroccan Hammam always consists of the following basic rooms:

  • Dry hot room to start your journey and get accustomed to the heat.
  • Hot steamy room to sweat away all body’s impurity.
  •  Bathing room to get the traditional Hammam treatment.
  •  Resting room to have mint tea and relax.
  •  Optional massage room to really relieve you of all remaining stress and worry.

Moroccan Hammam rituals:

Soap up:

Allow yourself to relax for five minutes or more before you rinse thoroughly with warm water. Afterwards, apply the famous Moroccan Black soap and let it will work its magic to soften your skin and help with exfoliation.

Rough scrub:

Another important Moroccan product is a ” kees”, a glove that is similar to soft sandpaper that will help you scrape and exfoliate your body and take off all the dead skin. (You will be amazed by how much dead skin you can remove). If you are in a spa or professional hammam, your attendant is the one who will be taking care of the entire hammam process such as the application of products, exfoliation, and rinsing you.

Moroccan Ghassoul & Henna rituals:

After a relaxing exfoliation, it’s now the time for the famous Moroccan clay mask called ghassoul. The clay mask is smothered all over the body, face, and hair for deep cleansing and wash. Ghassoul contains natural clay brought from the Middle Atlas Mountains and rose water, suitable for any skin type. Ghassoul has many health benefits for the skin and hair, allowing them to be soft, supple, and shiny. We also use natural henna for softer and healthier skin. then, we scrub the henna into our skin and leave it for a few minutes before rinsing it off. In our Les Bains Amani, we also offer a massage after a Hammam treatment with the famous Moroccan argan oil. The oil moisturizes the body, making it feel fresh and smooth.

Once you’ve been well washed and scrubbed there’s one final step that cannot be skipped. You’ll put your robe back on and go to a relaxation area where you’ll be given a steaming cup of sweet Moroccan tea. This is a guaranteed delight, leaving you with a feeling of complete bliss.

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Loubna El Bouchikhi,

Experience Coordinator at Palais Amani

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