The summer season

 The smell of suntan oil, the softness of fresh linen on our skin, bare feet in sandals:  at Palais Amani the summer season is well and truly with us. And for us all, wherever we are, the summer season comes the desire to travel.

Summer brings the need to getaway. To have a change of scene, and to take a pause from the routine throughout the year. For the second year running, summer travel plans are as volatile as the wind. Border rules are continually blown this way and that with Covid-19 variants leading the dance.

Travelling local, travel to reconnect.

But the desire to broaden horizons remains as strong as ever. And with it we are experiencing a surge of travelling local at Palais amani. We are delighted and proud to be welcoming so many more Moroccan travellers this year. And to share in the delight of discovering the richness and beauty of Morocco’s country and culture. So whether you are simply on a quest for time out from the usual routine, or are feeling a need to reconnect with your soul. now is the time to benefit from our Summer Staycation offers at Palais Amani and travel to reconnect.

Travelling to Reunite, travel with the heart.

Covid-19 is reluctant to pack its bags and take a one-way ticket out of our daily lives, making travelling to reunite more pressing than ever. Fortunately in Morocco, the vaccination programme continues and the number of cases remains low so now is the time to travel with the heart.

Last week we held a tea party in the gardens of Palais Amani. For those members who have been on furlough. So they too could reunite with their colleagues, some of whom they haven’t seen for over a year now.   The level of emotion was palpable, as member after member stepped in off the street to find the freshness and peace of their place of work. Chocolate mousse and the very special Lemon dessert with a Sellou was prepared to welcome the team members back along with virgin mint mojitos that Amine and Youssef served to all. And for a while, the pandemic was forgotten and we banished social distancing, (for a very short time at least) as the need to travel with the heart outmatched the pandemic rules that are so foreign to human nature.

I am delighted to announce that the family at Palais Amani is growing showing that thankfully life continues no matter what. There are five new babies amongst the Amani children and a couple of marriages that we belatedly celebrated.  But I am also delighted to have been there to share the huge smiles and much laughter as stories were told and retold of how each member of the team has been living this very strange time. And as the party came to its end, all were very reluctant to leave, but it was time to start the dinner service. And check-ins were imminent and what better way to end a party than to be called to see that Palais Amani is very much alive and kicking.

And with that all that remains to say is ‘Happy Summer’ to one and all.   Take time this summer to reconnect and reunite. We are very much looking forward to seeing you all again soon.


With love from the heart of the Palais Amani dream team.

Jemima Mann-Baha, 

Co-Owner, Palais Amani