September News and Views from the Palais Amani N°1

September News and Views from the Palais Amani N°1

In your coming year, how will you be a more fulfilled you ?

Yes friends , 1442 is well underway …

As the mornings over the medina felt the first signs of autumn and the market stalls filled with the new season apples from the lower Atlas Mountains, our Islamic world celebrated New Year: yes friends, 1442 is well underway!

1442 : comfortably free of a global pandemic.

In the western world, 1442 was comfortably free of  a global pandemic. The black death, started by the premise of globalisation nearly a century earlier, was well and truly in the past. This global pandemic had also come in a time of climate change as Europe at least had been hit by a mini Ice Age just before the death toll was worrying heads of government and their populations alike.

But by 1442 the deadliest recorded worldwide virus to date had been over for nearly a hundred years.  And with it came radical shifts in the balance of wages, development in medical research, improved healthcare, and great changes in the structuring of society.

 New Year
New Year

Any of these issues sound familiar ?

No-one knows when Covid 19 will really disappear, but if we can learn from history, whilst things don’t just go back to the old normal, it is possible that a richer, fairer, more fulfilling new can emerge if we all concentrate on what is essential in our new today.

2020 lockdown and the uncertainty of the future has certainly taught us of the importance of human connections and of living in the now. People are wanting more than ever before to travel. But in a compassionate, more purposeful way.  More than ever before travel is a way of understanding others to allow an understanding of the self.

So what are you going to do to be a more fulfilled you ?

The beginning of new years are traditionally a time for contemplation of what has been and what is to come. 2021 is still a while away. But on the eve of Rosh Hashana, many of you will be thinking about what you want to put in motion this coming year to be a more fulfilled you. At Palais Amani, we have always believed that travel has the power to help you become your best self.


So in your new year why not share this gift with those you love ?

Share Discovery

Last week the Moroccan government announced the opening of our borders for travelers.  The announcement is a light, small but growing. That marks the end of our enforce closure as bookings continue not only for next year but for the end of this one too. So why not launch yourselves on a voyage of discovery by coming to stay at the Palais Amani.

Share Commitment

If you are still not feeling sure enough to book the plane tickets, why not set the ball in motion for a more vibrant, colourful and loving new year  by committing to travel with a an Amani Voucher.

For each 100€ voucher booked. We add a further 40€ value allowing you to indulge in all things Moroccan during your stay with us. The vouchers are valid for a period of 2 years from the time of purchase and transferable for accommodation, as well as our curated collection of Experiences.

Share Love

And for those who are still reticent to travel, you can still venture into the unknown from the safety of your own kitchens by joining Loubna and Ouafae in the beauty of our gardens for an online cooking workshop at the Fez Cooking School.

Lift the  lid on  Moroccan  cuisine through the universal language of love by unearthing the secrets of one of the finest cuisines in the world.

So whether it is 1442, 5718 or soon to be 2021, we wish you a very very happy new year from the bottom of our hearts. May your new year be one of  peace, and prosperity  to share with those you love.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Palais Amani very very soon !

Jemima Mann-Baha.

Co-Owner, Palais Amani.