News and Views from the Palais Amani N°2

News and Views from the Palais Amani N°2

The Biggest Gift is Giving :

This year nothing is normal.

Despite the continuing sunshine here in Fez, we are heading towards winter and the holiday season.

Normally we would be soaking in the relative calm before gearing ourselves up for the joyous blurr of end of year celebrations. But of course this year nothing is normal.

The Desire to Travel :

Although we are lucky enough to say we are open, our days are still rythmed by U-turns, resheculing, and pushing booking dates as the changes in the world wide pandemic allow or impeed our guests to fulfill their desire to travel.

But if there is one thing that is certain in the uncertainty we are living, it is that the desire to travel is there : a desire that is literally palpable in the air we breathe as we go about our daily life at Palais Amani.

The Gift of Friendship :

We have all been on a rollercoaster of emotions this year.  Hopes raised and dashed as ‘ends in sight’ have receeded into second lockdowns,  and feelings of control have at times disolved into uncertainty and doubt.

At Palais Amani what has kept us afloat are your messages of freindship and kindness that have washed up by phone, or email, by zoom or instagram emoji on the shores of our haven hiding behind our majestic doors.

As we hung tight to our vey small liferaft,  bobbing about in this global storm, your memories of fun times past, your enquiries of health or recipe tips and your messages of wellbeing and expressions of friendship have been the smattering of glitter topping some of the biggest tidal waves. The gift of friendship has made this year not only navigable but has given some of those waves a meaning that has allowed us to keep going.  So as we pause in the slience of our restorative garden thinking about better times ahead our first wish is to to say a huge THANK YOU !!!

And in return :

The Gift of love : An early holiday present from us to you.

Spread some happiness this holiday season by learning how to make the famous ‘cornes de Gazelles’ with the team in a free online cooking workshop at the Fez Cooking School. 

Our gift to you, so you can gift to those you love and bring your holiday celebration table a bit closer to us.

And for those wanting to go further, check out the full range of celebration dishes being taught online from 19th to 22nd December.

For those of you who are in the country,  les Bains Amani and our restaurant Eden are now open, so book now for a meal or an Amani unwind and escape from every day on a voyage of sensations.

The Gift of Intent : The Excitment in Anticipation.

Another thing is sure when the time to travel again happens we are going to be faced with a whole other set of challenges like the lack of availability due to the level of demand: so why not avoid the disappointment and enjoy the first steps by taking the time to start planning your next trip?

Thanks to our flexible pandemic cancellation terms even a non refundable booking  isn’t taking a risk if the travel time isn’t quite right.* What you are doing is  allowing the Gift of Intent. So start travelling now with the anticipation of a big trip, plant some seeds before this year is out and give hope to your loved ones for a richer year ahead.

The Gift of Sharing : Bring friends and family together.

More and more of you are already on the move. And what better way to end the year than with the gift of sharing with a Palais Amani buy out to bring your friends and family together.

Come and revel in the luxuriant comfort and wonderment with our all-inclusive privatization offer from as little as 6 rooms. 

 As we sit with the now and  accept that this too will pass, let the biggest gift of giving begin !

We wish you a happy holiday season wherever you may be, and look forward to seeing you again soon at the Palais Amani.

(All non refundable bookings cancelled due to pandemic travel impossibiity are transformed into a voucher for a future booking in the next 18 months subject to availability).

Jemima Mann Baha.

Co Owner and Communication Director