New Year, New Rooms

New Year, New Rooms

New year, New Rooms: Star spotting at Palais Amani is an art form in itself. You can follow a detective trail around the architecture of the building. Spotting the six-pointed Star of David symbol in some of the exquisite hand-cut ceramic Zellige tiles and carved plasterwork of the building. Or guests can enjoy a cocktail on the gorgeous roof terrace. with its 360-degree views of the ancient city of Fez. Gazing up at the hundreds of constellations in the night sky. So, now you can literally sleep under the stars at the hotel.

A Room Under the stars

New year, New Rooms: We have just added two new beautifully decorated New rooms – one is a junior suite on the top terrace so you can literally fall asleep under a blanket of stars. The suite has a direct access to the terrace that overlooks the old medina and has a views of Zalagh Mountain. It’s no surprise that stars are so important in Morocco. As, the national flag consists of a red field with a green, five-pointed star (or pentagram) at its centre. Thus, this green pentagram is drawn with five straight lines. Each representing one of the five pillars of Islam. This style of star has long been used as a symbol of different religions and the colour green is also often associated with Islam.

New Year New Rooms

Calligraphy: A Discovery Of Ancient Arabic

And continuing on with the celestial theme of stars at Palais Amani. You can also book in for a two-hour personalized initiation into the fascinating art of Ancient Arabic calligraphy. Our calligrapher. One of the most renowned in Fez, will be offering lessons on Moroccan astrology. Where you will discover the secrets of dominant planets, signs and houses. Furthermore, He will teach you how to design and draw your own personalized star poem.

A wonderful memento to take away from your holiday.

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