Meet Hayden our Yogi in Residence at palais amani from San Fransisco

Meet Hayden our Yogi in Residence at palais amani from San Fransisco

Meet Hayden our Yogi in Residence at Palais Amani from San Fransisco. USA. A Fully qualified yoga teacher practicing and teaching diverse Yoga types.

Hayden Yogis in Residence at Palais Amani
  • “What first made you connect to yoga?” Asks Fatima the Experience Coordinator at the Palais Amani

 I started practicing yoga when I was in high school and struggling with my mental health. The practice not only positively influenced my body, but had profound impacts on my mind and soul as well. Since then I started to make it a regular part of my life and the benefits have been amazing.

  • How long have you been teaching?

 I finished my teacher training at the end of April and Palais Amani was my first official teaching job other than teaching to family and friends.

  • What type of yoga and why?

I mainly practice and teach Vinyasa because the one breathe one movement style allows me to connect my body and my mind deeply and forget anything else happening off the mat. I also enjoy teaching and practicing Yin yoga occasionally to focus on more of a meditative practice and deep stretching.

  • “Do you travel to many different places to practice yoga?” Asks Fatima

This is my first time traveling to teach yoga, as a Yogi in Residence. But I definitely plan to do it again.

  • Have you been to Morocco before?

No – this was my first time in Morocco and it absolutely exceeded my expectations.

  • “What are your first impressions since being here?”” Asks Fatima

I have been blown away by the beauty and culture of Fez. Everything here is so intricate and has such a rich history that I love being surrounded by.

  • And Palais Amani, what are your impressions?

 From the first day I got here I was shocked by how kind and welcoming everyone was. I stepped inside the beautiful hotel and felt immediately like a part of the community here. The kindness and beauty at Palais Amani is present everyday and has made this experience truly unforgettable.

  • Yoga is not a part of the Moroccan tradition, but why do you think yoga works in this environment?

I’m a strong believer that yoga can work in any environment. To me, yoga is about finding a deeper connection between the mind, body, and the soul. Asana practice allows individuals to explore themselves deeper and be present daily and this is something that can take place in any environment.

  • what plans do you have once you finish your residence with us at Palais Amani?

 After this, I will return to California for a few months before starting a full time job as a Strategy Analyst at Deloitte in New York.

Interviewed & Transcribed by Fatima, Experience Coordinator at Palais Amani