Mawlid Traditions In Morocco

Mawlid Traditions In Morocco

Mawlid Nabawi Traditions In Morocco

MAWLID NIGHT is the night between the eleventh and twelfth days of the month of Rabî’u Lawwal (Islamic calendar). It is the birth night of Muhammad who was sent as the Islamic Prophet.

The Celebration of Prophet Mohammed’s birth is motivated by the respect that Muslims have towards their prophet and their willingness to have him as a model for trust, forgiveness, love, and assistance of the needy.  The Mawlid gives us a useful chance to see the range of interpretations and practices marked as Muslim. As paradoxical as it sounds, it’s all about love, even disagreement. For the Muslims who honor Muhammad’s Mawlid, it’s the deep love for Muhammad that brings them closer to God.


Mawlid Traditions In Morocco

In Morocco, traditional sweets, cakes, and cookies are made by families and distributed, and new clothing for children is purchased. Adults also spend a portion of the day at local mosques, reciting poems and prayer. Celebrating Mawlid in Morocco is also expressed through talking about the life of the prophet in a joyful spirit by singing, wearing colorful clothes, and exchanging visits.

In Some cities in Morocco like Fez, some Sufi sects celebrate the prophet’s birthday through religious chants and drums. During festivals such as Eid al-Mawlid an-Nabawī, the Medina of Fez becomes even more charged with life and movement than usual. Visitors to Morocco must have been counting themselves lucky to see the festivities and witness the streams of people, all in the best outfits, making their way into the Medina.

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We wish you a Blessed Mawslid to everyone. May the love and choicest blessings of the Prophet bring in your life positivity and happiness.

Loubna El Bouchikhi,

Experience Coordinator at Palais Amani