If you want to know a culture, you have to eat it.

If you want to know a culture, you have to eat it.

Foodie Tour at The Palais Amani

Foodie Tour Experience of Fez Medina at Palais Amani: The head chef here at Palais Amani , Houssam Laasiri, always says that if you want to know a culture you have to eat it”.

We therefore decided that to transmit the real culture of Morocco and Fez Medina. We’ needed to curare some of our favorite places in the streets and narrow alleys of the medina. so you have a better understanding of the taste of the culture of the Moroccan people.

Twisting your way through the beautiful narrow alleyways and the sensation of the souks. Then, you will get to visit different places to tickle your taste buds and try delicious Fassi food, such as: Sfenj (Moroccan bread), pastry cases are full of chebakia and other syrup-laden delicacies.

The Tasting Experience in the alleys of Fez Medina:

Afterwards, Along the way, we get the chance to try delicious traditional Moroccan street food including dried meats, milawi, harsha, briwats, spicy sardines, hot potato cakes, soups, olives and more. On our Foodie Tour in the Medina of Fez. We will step at the famous honey souk. Where we taste an array of delicious wild honeys. Discussing their flavors and health-giving properties and then find out why honey is so vital in Moroccan cuisine and Islamic culture.

Led by a Moroccan chef. You will be discovering how locals buy vegetables, meat and other goods direct from sellers in the market. Choosing best quality organic food.

Our coordinator will take you through the process of discovering the world of spices. And their uses in the ancient recipes. Also, influences of the jewish sephardic culture on the Moroccan Cuisine.

Afterwards, we learn about secrets of the male-oriented domain of the herbal tea under the guidance of a local expert.

Fez is a haven for foodies! As you get lost to the massive outdoor street food markets. You’ll be treated to a long line of food stalls displaying a whole range of local foods and specialties. With so many different foods to choose from, it may seem daunting to decide which one to try. Thus, joining a tasting tour of Fez that’s led by a local is the best way to explore the city’s overwhelming food culture.

” Food makes you part of something bigger”.

So why not sign up for the Palais Amani Foodie Tour today!

Loubna El-Bouchikhi

Experience Coordinator at Palais Amani

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