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Private Amani Hiking Experience


Not far from the Palais Amani Boutique Hotel, the Zalagh hillside range sits majestically above Fez’s sprawling medina.

In Berber, Zalagh, means male kid goat and a hike along the backbone of this massive beast of a hillside gives you a taste of the Berber way of life at less than 30 minutes from the urban labyrinth below.

Leaving the Oued Zhoune car park the road winds steeply up from the medina and 5 minutes away from the city you are already in countryside driving up through olive ancient groves.  Hidden from the city on the other side of the mountain, you are plunged into Berber countryside. Your chauffeur turns off onto a dirt track and for 15 to 20 minutes you can take in the scenery dotted with vernacular farmsteads, livestock and crops. The population lives in almost complete self-sufficiency, using mules to farm, cooking with firewood and collecting their water from the local well. A passing shepherd waves as you drive by and as far as the eye can see you will be entranced by the Rif mountain scenery stretching out to the end of time.

On the shorted hiking option, reaching Zalagh’s summit and onwards to the peak of the range is easy enough for even inexperienced hikers and takes no more than an hour and a half, even at a leisurely pace.

The elevation provides the ideal temperature for an escape from the heat and the walk along the top of the ridge offers you stunning views of the entire ancient city and the surrounding landscapes, the Sebou Valley, Rif Mountains and Sais Plains.

Your guide will bring you back to the perfect spot for a picnic and you will dine in the shade of the pine trees before walking back down to the car. Despite its proximity to the city, it is never crowded, much to the delight of mountain bikers and hikers alike.

What is included?

  • Chauffeur /qualified Country guide and transport round trip.
  • Luxury Picnic with service.
  • Chilled bottled water.
  • Stunning views and lifetime memories guaranteed!

For this 3,5 to 4 hour experience, a good set of trainers and hat essential, as is a clean bill of health.

IMPORTANT: Please note that if the weather forecast is bad we will cancel 36 hours prior to the activity.



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