Meet Anna our lovely Yogi in Residence at Palais Amani from Virginia, USA. A Fully qualified yoga teacher practicing and teaching diverse Yoga types.

Yogi in Residence
  • “What first made you connect to yoga?” Asks Loubna, The Experience Coordinator at the Palais Amani

“ I first started practicing Yoga, because my body needed to stretch, and then I’ve realized that it was also helping my brain. The fact that I moved and breathe with intention the more my brain also was able to relax. I’ve practicing Yoga for 8 years, and teaching all over the world for 7 years now.” Says Anna The Yogi in Residence at The Palais Amani.

  • What type of yoga do you practice and teach ?

I mainly teach Vinyasa, which is one breath per movement. Hatha Yoga, which is postures that you hold for many breaths.  Also, Power Yoga, which is a very physical kind of practice. These are the types of  Yoga that I like to practice the most, as they resonate with me the most, and that’s why I teach them. I teach what I love.

 “Do you travel to many different places to practice yoga?”Asks Loubna

I have travelled to India, Cambodia, Bali, Thailand, and now Morocco. Also, I have traveled all over the states for Yoga retreats in different retreat centers. I love traveling for Yoga, I get to do my passion and meet the best people this way. Answers  Anna, The Yogi in Residence at The Palais Amani.

  • Have you been to Morocco before?

Anna: No , actually this is my first time and diffidently not going to be the last.

  • Loubna: What are your first impressions since being here?

Anna: The People are very nice and hospitable. Fez is very beautiful; you can feel the history in every corner. The architecture is amazing, the food is the most delicious and colours are everywhere.

  • And Palais Amani, what are your impressions?

 It’s like a second home. Everyone is very friendly to everyone. And the palace is very beautiful, the people here are helpful. all in all, everything makes you feel at home.

  • Yoga is not a part of the Moroccan tradition, but why do you think yoga works in this environment?

Yoga perfectly works in this environment, people especially here in the Medina have so much going on during the day, and yoga helps the brain slow down. Therefore Yoga will bring peace to a chaotic day. So people coming back from a busy day of walking and moving around, and being exhausted would need to practice Yoga to relax and feel still.

  •  How long are you planning to stay in Morocco?

I’m in Morocco for about four weeks.

  • What plans do you have once you finish your residence with us at Palais Amani?

 After this then I’m heading to the Blue Village, Chefchaouen and The Desert. Then Marrakech and Essaouira. And then, back to Casablanca to fly back home, where I’m planning to hike the mountains with my husband Jeremy.

Interviewed & Transcribed by Loubna El Bouchikhi, Experience Coordinator at Palais Amani