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Arts & Crafts WORKSHOPS & PROGRAMS by HAMZA EL FASIKI, Founding Craftsman & Instructor


Palais Amani has partnered up with CRAFT DRAFT, a multidisciplinary art studio offering Moroccan traditional visual arts & crafts workshops to all age groups around the globe.


The workshop gives participants longer to explore their etching skills, meanwhile learning in greater depth the history of the brass etching tradition from the artisan whilst making their own tea tray.

Up to 6 people – 4 hours approx


The workshop will guide you through the step-by-step technique to craft your own handmade leather journal with long stitches. This workshop also provides techniques on chiselling and stamping on leather to create unique covers for sketches or notebooks.

Up to 6 people – 4 hours approx



You will learn about different designs of Islamic art found in many of the Morocco's traditional buildings and mosques. You will then learn the basic concept of geometric design in Islamic art by using basic geometric instruments, compass and ruler.

Up to 15 people – 3 hours approx



Participants will be introduced to Andalusian Classical Oud Music, hear its story and learn about its poetry and content. Hamza El Fasiki, Oud player, will perform, demonstrate, and discuss Andalusian music.

Up to 15 people – 2 hours approx


The workshop offers the technique for creating designs in leather. Learn how to use the basic embossing tools, how to draw your patterns on to the leather and how to get it raised with effects and backgrounds. You will take home with you your artwork.

Up to 2 people – 2 hours



The workshop offers hands-on opportunity to create your own unique embroidered art. Participants will learn how to draw an Islamic Art Pattern or a Sacred Geometric Form, learn the basics of embroidery and create an embroidered card to take home.

Up to 6 people – 2 hours approx


The workshop offers a very old technique. As it allows you to make potholders, coasters or carpets that can be used as kitchen decorations, it is designed to make you acquire the basic technique to make a larger carpet if a large size loom is made.

Up to 6 people – 2 hours approx

If you wish to join these workshops please make a request at for bookings and rates. 

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