The highlight of the cultural calendar is the Festival of Sacred Music in June. Other festivals such as Soufi, Culinary Art, Amazigh and Jazz punctuate the year making Fez the cultural capital of Morocco.

Festival of Sacred Voices

The theme for the 20th Annual World Sacred Music Festival 2014 is 'le Conférences des Oiseaux' and promises to be grandiose this year. See clip of prevous year for a taste of what's to come, and our Festial promotions for an unforgettable experience. 

Dates 13th to 21st June,  2014.

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Soufi Festival

The Sufi Culture Festival In Fez is a celebration to the teaching of Sufi saints through an extravaganza of dance and music. The festival shows the visitors a different side of Islam as they find the beauty of Sufi culture, beliefs, and rituals. The culture of Morocco has learned a lot from Sufism as the teaching of Sufi saints formed the moral backbone for the society and the culture on the whole. The week long Sufi Culture Festivals brings together various artists, musicians, thinkers, writers, and artists who explore the mysteries of Sufi culture through dance, music, poetry and art.